Innovation Centre
Innovation Centre

“Supporting your Innovation”

At the Avees Biocos Innovation centre, it’s all about using our technical know-how and skills to develop top-notch products with high quality raw materials. The centre is a knowledge-sharing platform for formulators to bounce ideas back & forth and come up with unique formulation solution.

Our product development and quality control services include

Conceptualization and development of products in line with client expectations and contemporary trends.

Detailed formulation advice for all Avees Biocos raw materials.

Turnkey solutions with customized prototype development with proven stability and critical controls.

Technology transfer to customer team.

Challenge testing according to Pharm.Eur.2011, 5.1.3, USP 51 or any other requested method.

Fully compiled report with relevant observations and recommendations.

Customised testing for specific organisms as per customer requirement.

We Offer Microbiology Services in association with ISCA UK, Ltd. which houses fully equipped Micro testing Laboratory.

We invite you to visit our centre for any product development requests or simply come and experience the latest cosmetic concepts developed by the Innovation Centre to get inspiring ideas. Please make an appointment and allow us to make the most of your precious time.