About Us
About Us
Avees Biocos is a professionally managed specialty chemical distribution company in India. Avees Biocos was established in the year 2007 with the purpose of “Innovation at heart”. We are your perfect partner to help you source advance technology ingredients and help you formulate unique cosmetic products.

Our Mentor

We were inspired and motivated by our founding father and mentor,
Mr. G. K. Sawhney to be the first and one of a kind, concept driven specialty chemical distributor in India. Mr. Sawhney, a highly reputed businessman with immense technical knowledge of the cosmetic formulations, successfully developed our parent company M/S Continental Chemicals. Under his guidance and leadership, we started Avees Biocos and continue to thrive as a technically driven company.

Being Natural, Being Sustainable

Our product portfolio is in lines with our purpose of Innovation at heart. Natural or Naturally derived are the industry buzzword these days and being sustainable is the way forward. Formulators often appreciate our capability in identifying such renewable & sustainable sources which allows them to achieve functionality while still develops gentle and green cosmetics.
Specialty Chemicals

Starch is perhaps one of the most diverse natural source of specialty chemical. In our portfolio you will find the DRY FLO range of surface modified starches that are excellent sensory modifiers for skin care applications. Based on the starch source they exhibit unique sensorial properties like velvet touch, mattifying and oil absorption.

The STRUCTURE range of rheology modifiers solve the most critical problems of formulation development viscosity while contributing significantly towards texture, sensory and even emulsification.

For preservation at best, our ISCAGUARD range of preservatives collectively provide broad spectrum anti-microbial action to preserve your formulations. With globally approved regulations, these paraben free and natural preservatives are the backbone of cosmetic preservation.

We are delighted to extend our range of natural active ingredients for your skin & hair care formulations needs. These ingredients come backed with extensive clinical tests and unique claims for cosmetics and dermaceutical.

Our lipid portfolio, comprising of VIAMERINE biopolymer offer exceptional sensorial experience along with anti-wrinkle and hydration properties.

Our PHYTPEEL range of natural scrubs and exfoliating agents allows you to replace non-degradable plastic beads in your formulations, keeping your formulations close to nature without compromising functionality.