Our fragrance portfolio is poised to represent the creativity, competence and quality of LUZI fragrance compounds, a Swiss company that specialises in the development of unique scents for personal care, fine fragrance, home care and air care.

Like our ingredient portfolio, our Fragrance portfolio is anything but ordinary. We focus on understanding our customer brief and work with Luzi’s perfumers and evaluators in new creations or selection from existing portfolio to best match your requirements. Luzi has expanded its presence in Asia Pacific market by opening a new production and development facility in Malaysia.

About Fragrance Portfolio

Personal Care
The Perfect Complement For Quality

Scent is an important attribute for personal care products as it plays a significant role in product positioning and marketing. It enhances the overall sensory experience for the customers and thus it is imperative that a personal care brand have a sumptuous fragrance which can give customers a spa-like treatment right at their home. Luzi’s superior personal care fragrances are recognized throughout the world as the scents are produced in perfect harmony with the product’s unique characteristics and reflect the special demands of consumers as well as market. Luzi perfumes, evaluators and application specialists produce the fragrances which demonstrate outstanding quality, skin compatibility and safety standards for personal care products.

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Fine Fragrance
Fragrances with a distinctive character

There is a growing trend of consumers who love the fact of buying a fragrance that is quality, classic, beautiful and unique. But in a challenged fragrance market, only a few fragrances and perfume brands experience a steady success. LUZI fragrance compounds continuously improve, update, diversify and create fragrances which is in line with the latest trend and appeal to the diverse consumers worldwide. We create a long-term customer relationship by offering bespoke fragrances to ensure our customer satisfaction that leads to enduring success.

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Home Care
Clean and pleasantly fragrant

Everyday domestic chores will become a little bit more enjoyable and gives a feel of little lighter with the use of home care products that have a perfect fragrance. LUZI produces inspiring fragrances of home care products which create a long-lasting effect of delicate aromas on the washed and polished floor, of the laundry, or of the clean dishes that extend the feeling of freshness and comfort. Luzi’s expertly crafted fragrances for home care products give a unique signature for the products and set the brands apart from the competition.

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Air Care
Breathe In The Quality

Air care product is an integral part of home interiors and commercial places as it plays a vital role in creating the most desirable ambience as well as the key factor to impart a fresh and clean message throughout a washroom. In recent years, the demand for air fresheners are rising as consumers are increasingly looking to extend the fragrance experience by creating a personalized environment through unique fragrances. Luzi’s expertise goes beyond creating multi-purpose fragrances and work closely with customers to develop distinctive air care fragrances that perform perfectly in the environment for which they are intended.

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